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Dark of Night by Carrie Cotten. Blog Blitz and Excerpt

Dark of Night JustRead Blog Blitz

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Dark of Night

Title: Dark of Night
Series: Dreamwalker #2
Author: Carrie Cotten
Publisher: independently published
Release Date: March 25, 2021
Genre: Christian Speculative Fiction
A new life, a new love, and even a new name. For former secret agent Andromeda Stone – now Joanna Carter – a normal, boring life with her handsome husband was the happy ending. But an old enemy resurfaces, determined to leave nothing unfinished, and Andy must step back into the nightmares once again. Andy and Will each face their own worst fears in their search for answers. Will this new mission cost Andy more than she’s willing to pay?

When the journey takes her to deeper and darker places than she’s ever been before, Andy discovers it’s more than just answers she’s looking for.

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Frozen in place by helpless panicked anticipation, I watched the figure continue to move closer, its shape about my height, with a small build and curves like…a woman. Her movements were fluid and confident; she didn’t hesitate as she walked towards the mangled wreck.
Just steps away, she would soon pass me. In my brain, I knew this was only a dream, but in my heart, I was terrified. That desire to flee was rising; I had to work to push it down. This was important–there was something I needed to know.
Her shoes made crunching sounds on the pavement. I felt my hand move unconsciously up to cover my mouth as she passed, as if she could hear me breathing. She was staring at the wreck, moving cautiously but deliberately towards it, finally close enough that I could make out her features.
She was petite, like me, dressed in black with slick leather pants that hugged her curves, and a cropped black jacket with square shoulders that made her appear capable and dangerous. She was young, maybe even in her early twenties, also like me. Jet black and perfectly straight hair laid flat against her back almost to her waist, trimmed straight across the bottom. Her skin had a rich olive tone, and her figure was slim but strong. I sucked in a silent breath as she stepped past, so close I could smell her perfume. It was earthy and sharp, not at all floral like most women’s scents. If I would have reached out, I could have touched her, but I remained frozen where I stood, arms pulled close.
Just as she stepped even with my position, she turned her face towards me, mid stride…as if she could see me there. But that was impossible! Wasn’t it? We were suspended in space, outside of time, in an unnatural collision of ethereal and corporeal, the union of what was and what used to be.
In that moment, I memorized every detail of her face. The perfectly shaped arch of her dark eyebrows; the tiny scar just above the right one; the slight cleft in the center of her chin, and the bright, wet-looking red color of her lipstick on full hard-set lips. She had terribly intense green eyes that flashed when they met mine. Her likeness was etched permanently in my memory.
There was something behind her eyes. Something…unnatural: a swirling vortex of chaos, confusion, and pain. It was ruined and rotting inside of her.
I could see a reflection of her thoughts inside my own mind; there was only fear and hatred, envy, malice and pride. I tasted them on my tongue, and they were utterly bitter. Surely something so terrible couldn’t truly exist, but I heard her breaths, saw the wind blowing her hair, felt the heat from her body. She was very real.


Author Carrie Cotten

Carrie Cotten is a recent transplant to the Appalachian mountains where she and her family are trying their hand at homesteading in the tranquil community of Grassy Creek, North Carolina. By day she is a farming, homeschooling mom of four and by night, a writer of intense, emotional and intriguing Christian fiction novels.

While she has been writing her whole life, the Dreamwalker books are her first complete and published series. Her ultimate goal is to share the good news of salvation through Jesus Christ through her words. Her characters, though dealing with unbelievable situations experience real, raw, and believable faith.

CONNECT WITH CARRIE: Website | Facebook | Instagram


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