Spotlight!!! Christmas Confusion by Christina Sinisi

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When Tiffany Marano’s high school sweetheart drove off to join the Marines and never looked back, she swore off men. Now, she’s content to teach at Summer Creek, South Carolina’s local elementary school, lead a Sunday school class, and spend weekends with her niece—until Nick Walsh suddenly reappears wearing a wedding ring and with a daughter in tow. Everything about Tiffany’s calm, quiet life is now one disordered mess.
Nick Walsh comes face to face with Tiffany after all these years, and sparks fly. But not the happy glittering kind, because each of them thinks the other responsible for their estrangement. Before they can work it out, though, Tiffany’s sister disappears. Left with custody of her niece and forced to work with new police detective Nick to find her sister, old feelings begin to resurface. As they start to unravel the truths that left them confused and apart for too long, Nick must learn to let go of his past. But can Tiffany let go of her fear and learn to trust that God isn’t the only one who won’t abandon her?
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A man she didn’t recognize from behind opened the door before she got there and, gentleman that he was, stepped aside to let her enter first. Her sleep-befuddled mind registered thick shoulders, a broad back, and brown curls that tipped over his blue button-down collar. Other than that, she murmured a quiet, “Thank you,” and focused on the rest of the class. The man behind her might be a stranger, but the rest of the class was very familiar to her.
“Hi, Tiffany,” her friend Valerie said from the far side of the circle of chairs. “What brings you to our neck of the woods? The little ones too tame for you?”
Tiffany’s spirits lifted at the sight of the petite, slightly curvy twentysomething girl. They’d met in middle school, and Valerie had been the one to stick by her through her misfortunate middle-school hairstyles and the heartbreaks of high school. Valerie made her laugh, and if she was in this class, all would be well. “Mrs. Melanie asked me to sit in for Mr. Billy.”
Valerie’s husband, Travis, looked up from his notebook with concern in his bespectacled eyes. “Is he all right?”
Tiffany lost the smile that had started. “Actually, Mrs. Melanie said he has a stomach bug. So, let’s add him to our prayers. Don’t let me forget.” She took the unoccupied seat on Valerie’s left and murmured greetings to the others in the room before shifting in her chair and paying attention to the stranger in their midst. Sweet baby Jesus.
He wasn’t a stranger. At least, she’d known him better than anyone else on the planet a lifetime and seven years ago. Nick Walsh had been her senior prom date. He’d brought her flowers and literal fruit in a basket when she’d had the car accident that totaled her precious first car. He’d sat in the dining room and talked to her mom for hours, even after everyone else had long left her graduation party and he’d been given every hint that it was time for him to go home.
Then, he had enlisted in the Marines and disappeared from her life.

More From The Author

What do you hope your readers get from your book.  

I hope that readers will finish my novella a bit happier, touched by the sweet love between the characters, and invigorated in their faith. God can be trusted, even through the bad times. The Christmas season can be full of joy for many, and grief for others–God is with us through all of it.

Inspiration for writing the book?

The novella was inspired by the publisher’s call for Christmas novellas. I saw the call on June 9 and took the challenge of writing the book by the end of the month—2 ½ weeks later, it was done. I started with the concept of someone being confused by her ex showing up wearing a wedding ring without a wife. I also am friends with a lovely young lady in our church who was the inspiration for the main character—even though the story is entirely fiction.

Favourite scene from the book?

Strangely enough, it is the epilogue my editor suggested I add. I get teary-eyed every time I proofread it.

About The Author

A member of American Christian Fiction Writers, Christina Sinisi writes stories about families, both the broken and blessed. Her works include a semi-finalist in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award contest and the American Title IV Contest where she appeared in the top ten in the Romantic Times magazine. By day, she is a psychology professor and lives in the LowCountry of South Carolina with her husband and two children and loves a good cooking challenge.
Instagram: csinisi123

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